We are permanently closed. - Restoration Wellness
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We are permanently closed.

We thank all our valued customers here at Restoration Wellness & Tattoo Removal for all the support during this trying time.

Our Services

We are in the business of Restoration

 From bad microbladed or tattooed eyebrows to body, face, or hand tattoo’s. We can help, check our photo’s and testimonials of our happy clients.

Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts

Officially Accredited through The National Association of Lash Artists

Tattoo Removal

Including the removal of Tattooed or Microbladed Eyebrows. We are your laser alternative! An all natural solution to removing ink from your body with as little discomfort as possible.



The Vision began with all natural tattoo removal and lead into plasma skin tightening. With both services we concentrate on returning the skin to a former condition.

By removing ink we enable people to move forward with their lives, releasing them from a sometimes limiting tattoo or the memory attached to it, all done with minimal risk to the skin using a method which removes the sometimes toxic ink. The traditional method of laser forces the ink deeper in the body.

Plasma skin tightening enables us thru the use of plasma to eliminate excess skin. This method is  low risk, with minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. Fibro blast as it is commonly called is known for its success with many treatments including forehead lines, frown lines, upper and lower eyelids, crows feet, lip lines, smile lines, neck lifts, bat-wing arms and tummy tightening to name a few.

What we do

Restoration Wellness & Tattoo Removal was born out of the desire to help others remove unwanted ink and expanded in early 2018 to include Plasma Skin Tightening.

At RW&TR we believe continuing education is critical to our future success and growth, that is why we are committed to continually seek out the best method and serum’s available on the market to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. 

Restoration Wellness is permanently closed as of August 2020