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Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist

Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist

Do your homework before committing to a tattoo artist. When choosing the right tattoo artist it is important to do your homework. Questions to ask yourself may include: Do you know what you want and where you want it? Placement can be critical in the long run.  Some areas of the body do not hold ink well and will fade and blur sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. A reputable artist will tell you this up front; they don’t want their art looking faded and blown out in a couple of years’ time, especially if they plan to still be in the industry.

If you know what you want, does the artist do that type of art? Check their social media, if they have it. See what they have posted over time, is there evidence that they fit with your style?

It’s also important when choosing the right tattoo artist that you look at the shop they work out of; is it clean does it have a comfortable atmosphere for you? Some people like a quiet and soothing environment, some like the distraction of loud music and an open and busy atmosphere.

Don’t let price dictate where you go! Remember plan on having the tattoo forever. One artist may charge twice as much as the next. Is their art remarkably better? Is their technique or experience superior? An apprentice will charge less, consider thoughtfully before you agree to be someone’s first tattoo.

Book a consult. If your design is an original your artist may need to see if they can work with it.

Are you looking at covering up a previous tattoo? Choose an artist skilled in cover-ups, you need to consider the density of the ink needed to cover up the original tattoo. Most people benefit from a couple of lightening sessions before doing a new design. There are options when fading a tattoo. A method becoming increasingly more popular is a non laser approach. Similar to the tattoo process; a serum is worked into the existing ink, forcing it to the surface, to be wiped away. Our Process

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for references. Good artists have happy customers.


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