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Microblading Removal

Microblading Removal


Microblading removal is becoming  increasing popular after with the popularity of microblading and permanent makeup. A skilled microblader creates beautiful brows. however, with a growing industry some  are not as talented. As with any tattoo, regret can set in immediately. Keep in mind when getting microblading, it is a face tattoo and as such can not be easily concealed.


Methods of Microblading removal


Laser is becoming the less popular choice with microblading removal with the risk of the eyebrows turning green or orange. There is always a very real risk of scarring, depending on the skill of the technician and the laser they are using. Some people fear the proximity to the eyes and the effect different lasers have on the hair follicles. What about the level of pain? Some color  pigment ‘s require more heat for removal, resulting in a higher level of pain and increased risk of scarring. It is also good to note that using the laser method does not actually remove the ink from the tattoo. Laser is used to break up the ink which is then left for the bodies lymphatic system to deal with.

Non Laser

A non-laser method of microblading removal is also available.  Which uses similar equipment and method as the microblading process. A saline solution is first tattooed into the existing tattoo. The  wound is usually left exposed  forming a scab which draws the ink to the surface and is removed with the scab. At Restoration Wellness & Tattoo Removal we have gone a step further. An all natural, non-saline solution is proven to not only be more effective than the saline solution but also, so much kinder to the skin. The ink surfaces during the procedure so the client is able to witness the removal immediately. A topical numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure making it very comfortable. Our Process

The number of treatment with any method varies, determined by the density, depth and contents of the ink used.

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