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Non Laser Tattoo Removal – A journey of Recovery

Non Laser Tattoo Removal – A journey of Recovery

Tattoo removal has come a long way

Non laser tattoo removal has made dramatic advancements in the last few years. When considering tattoo removal, know your options. Having ink on you that does not reflect who you are can often be a burden. A sense of disconnection. Sometimes even a constant painful reminder, freezing you in a period of time best left behind.

Think before you ink

Often people get tattoo’s without thinking of the long-term consequences, not evaluating the necessity of future tattoo removal. Committing to a lifetime of wearing that ink,  good or bad. The placement may be bad.  Perhaps the artist was not as skilled as we had hoped, leaving us with a sense of regret.

For some this is not their journey, perhaps they have thought long and hard about their tattoo, and it’s placement, perhaps they have spent many hours drawing and re-drawing it, maybe even researched artists that have the style you are looking for. Only to wake up one day and say “what was I thinking?”

And then there are fad tattoo’s, celebrity copy cats, some regrettable some not. There is no spellcheck on tattoo’s, we have all witnessed “regert“.


To some their tattoo was not their choice, as in the case of branding and sexual exploitation.

Process of Removal

The process of fading or tattoo removal is not as simple. Unlike the tattooing process you don’t walk out with immediate results.  As with the traditional method of laser, non laser tattoo removal may take several sessions to achieve the desired results.   Not all methods are the same, with laser the ink is broken down and left it in the body for the lymphatic system to deal with. With non laser tattoo removal the ink is removed, allowing the body to heal without the trauma of pushing the ink deeper into the body. Either method requires a commitment to complete the journey of restoration.

There is no instant gratification when it comes to any method of tattoo removal. It is a process, a journey; with each session of non laser tattoo removal you see the ink come out of the tattoo and with that a little more healing occurs.


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