Our Process - Restoration Wellness
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Our Process

The treatment works with the bodies natural ability to heal and repair itself, using the serum to aid in the removal of the ink.


It all begins with the consultation.

A client profile is created to help determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Measurements, pictures and the treatment plan are discussed and any questions can be answered at this time.

Removal Process

At the beginning of each session the technician will clean the skin and apply the appropriate numbing cream. Allowing up to 30 min for the numbing to take affect.

The removal process has similarities to getting a tattoo. Instead of depositing ink into the body, the appropriate serum is used.

The serum draws the ink to the surface enabling it to be wiped away. Each treatment reduces the density and concentration of the ink.

It is not unusual to see a tattoo lighten than appear darker during the process as the ink is drawn to the surface. The number of treatments to achieve the desired fade vary due to the placement and density of the ink, these factors cannot be predicted.

Aftercare for tattoo removal


The aftercare is critical!

Our aftercare has evolved over the last 2 years and has been simplified causing as little disruption to your daily activities as possible. You will be provided with an information sheet that will outline the necessary steps for the most favorable outcome.

Restoration Wellness is permanently closed as of August 2020