Restoration Tattoo Removal - Restoration Wellness
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 In the business of helping people move forward with their lives through assisting with the removal of tattoo ink that no longer represents them.

The Process

Using the same equipment and process as tattooing we draw our proprietary serum into our needles instead of ink. Placing the serum adjacent to the ink forces it to the surface where we wipe it away! Our focus is in the healing process minimizing any scarring which may occur.

Each tattoo is unique as is each removal

Fade of microbladed eyebrows in progress



flower power


Next Step Ministries
We are always looking for agencies to partner with who are helping people turn their lives around. Next Step Ministries is one we are proud to be working with.
If you know of an agency who would benefit from our tattoo removal reach out and let us know how we can help.
This can include, but is not limited too:  recovery centers, women’s agencies, people transitioning from incarceration or gangs, churches…


A journey thru recovery and restoration.


Treatments start at $99. Removal starts with Phase 1 – “fading”. After Phase 1, some candidates may choose to move on to Phase 2 – “Removal”. *Not all candidates will meet the Phase 2 criteria.

Restoration Wellness is permanently closed as of August 2020